A lotta love

See why people are swooning by the scoop


Temptation in a carton

You can’t put ConeBoy in a box. Unless it’s one of our 48 oz. cartons of ice cream. Your customers will enjoy a selection of over 40 flavors – from classics like Vanilla and Chocolate Malted Crunch to whimsical ones like Cotton Candy or Coconut Pineapple. Now available nationwide.


Mint 'n Chip

Cookies 'n Cream

Rocky Road

Butter Pecan


Black Cherry

Cotton Candy

Mocha Almond Fudge


Born in Cali

Thrifty® ice cream was launched in 1940 at a small factory in West Hollywood. Angelenos soon flocked to the flagship Thrifty Drug Store in downtown Los Angeles to sample ice cream from the soda fountain. The high-quality, small-batch ice cream even snagged awards from the L.A. County Fair. By the 1970s, Thrifty ice cream had attained cult status along the West Coast, with significant celebrity shoutouts.

Eighty years later, our commitment to quality has never wavered. We still use the same recipe with fresh milk from local dairies. And when it comes to quality, no step is too much, like mixing in real fruit, or freshly baked cookies. Even our Belgian chocolate is chipped from a locally mixed premium batch. To date, our ice cream has won over 1,600 gold medals in global dairy competitions.

Delight by the pint

Grab a tried-and-true favorite, or a bold new flavor. Your customers have so many options, including better-for-you flavors in creamy Greek frozen yogurt. You’ll want to grab a few 16 oz. pints from the freezer to sample them all.

Vanilla Bean

Cookies 'n Cream

Red Velvet

Cappuccino Crunch

Pecan Praline

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Chocolate Malted Krunch

Blueberry Cheesecake Frozen Greek Yogurt

Strawberry Frozen Greek Yogurt

Chocolate Lovers Frozen Greek Yogurt

Here’s the scoop

Who says ice cream scoops should be round? Our iconic cylindrical scoops make a striking impression atop any cone – stack them two, three, or even sky-high! Embrace the nostalgia with the effortless glide of a Thrifty old time ice cream scoop.

For the people, by the people

With love comes longevity. Our plant in El Monte, CA, is full of familiar faces. Many of our employees have been churning out ice cream for three decades. We also taste-test hundreds of new flavors every year! It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it! Our team can even make exclusive, custom flavors just for you like Sriracha Swirl and Bacon and Cheddar.